3D Printing with plastics

3D Printing enables you to validate and test your designs very rapidly. Thanks to our polymer 3D printers, you are able to have a physical object in your hands that will enable you to confirm your CAD drawings and assemblies.
Did you know that you can reduce the time to market of your products just by using 3D printed prototypes? You can even build several prototypes with different shapes at once ! Moreover, it is possible to improve your product’s quality, ergonomy and most importantly, reduce costs for your general product developments.

Looking to have a physical model in your hands?

Our plastic materials

Plastics are used to boost your product developments. Before you use your concepts, 3D Printing with plastics enable you to quickly validate a design. Many of our customers require different shapes and material properties throughout the industry.
Therefore, we have chosen to use a wide variety of materials on our technologies. We have materials for different applications and purposes. Highly strong and resistant materials as well as colours and transparency is possible. We can guide you and make sure that you are able to fully exploit 3D Printing for your business with our broad material range.

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Metal 3D Printing

The industry needs high-end applications with materials that are used in extremen conditions. Prototypes and demonstrators enable to validate the first steps thanks to metal 3D Printing. Serial production is the next step and this is also possible with our automated and state-of-the-art machines.
We have equipped our facilities with the latest machines available on the market, equipped with the most advanced quality measurement devices and a fully automated post-processing chain. Our production facility is customized to your needs and is ready to start production.


An exceptional material with fine microstructures, spherical grains with a possibility to print with very high accuracy. This material benefits from a very low density, resistance to corrosion and high strength resistance.
In combination with our post-processing technologies it is a good match for your high-end aerospace and medical applications.
Our technologies are equipped with the latest quality control tools availlable on the market to deliver the best quality for your requests.


A natural strong and lightweight material. It is the ideal material for aerospace and automotive applications. We use a specially engineered alloy that can be used on one of the largest 3D printers available on the market. Looking to 3D print one of your designs with this exceptionally pure material?

Finishing & post-processing

3D Printing alone can push your business to new fronteers. For even more precision and different surface finishing, we have equipped our production chain with fully automated 5 axis CNC machines. In function of your specifications and materials, we also make sure that you get what you want. Therefore, we have also invested in secondary equipments that are able to apply special surface treatments. We are making sure that other conventional manufacturing technologies cannot compete with our winning combination of 3D Printing and high-end finishing technologies.

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