Obtain an almost limitless complexity for your products with 3D Printing! Integration of lattice structures, reduction of assemblies, lightweight parts and topology optimization is all possible with 3D Printing. Our fully automated industrial printers are able to print with high quality materials in ceramics, polymers and metals for your business. Get your fully finished parts thanks to our winning combination of our 3D printers with the latest state-of-the-art quality measurement systems and post-processing technologies. You need a quote for your applications?

Serial production for high-end applications !


Thanks to our many years of experience in design, manufacturing and post-processing for geometries specifically thought for 3D Printing, we are able to advise you. Like many of our clients, maybe you also have these questions?

What technology do I need to use and how do I integrate it ?
What materials can I use ? What software is necessary ?

We can answer your questions!

Should this part be printed?

What does it cost?

Can I add internal channels?

How should I build this part?


Knowledge makes all the difference. Buying a 3D printer and knowing how to use a CAD software is not enough. Besides, there are also many other secondary equipments to master before you have a finished product. To help you get operational asap, we provide trainings on:

Software manipulations
ABC of design for 3D Printing
How to use the printer and all the other secondary equipments
How to post-process your parts

You need a proper training tailored to your needs ?

I want to learn how to operate a 3D printer!

What knowledge do I need?


3D Printing enables you to drastically reduce your product developments. One or several different designs can be printed at once and tested according to your specifications. It is especially suited for a tangible confirmation of your concepts. Nothing is better than having your product in your hands before you massively produce it. Ergonomy, logos, size, assemblies, these are all aspects you can check with your marketing department thanks to this service.

You need a quote for a prototype?

Test your design before serial production !

Optical Scanning

At Xilloc we use a state of the art scanner for measurement and inspection of printed components. Ideal for digitizing and inspection of metal and plastic parts as well as prototypes. Functions range from simple 3D scanning tasks for applications such as 3D printing, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping, up to comprehensive shape and dimension analysis of components. Can we help you digitizing you part and or validating the quality of your prints ?

Have your parts 3D Scanned

Measure accuracy!