3D printing in Metal

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For people who are familiar with 3D printing (or Additive Manufacturing) this comes as no surprise, but for all others: Yes, you can 3D print parts in metal!


Most of our friends are really fascinated with the work that we do at Xilloc, because 3D printing is HOT! They have a lot of questions about it and somehow think (or hope) you can print anything and everything… But when you tell them you 3D print parts in metal, their jaws drop. “Wait what…? Can you actually 3D print in metal??”

In a way, they don’t expect that and somehow most people still think 3D printing is only done on these small home printers, making figurines, minions, toys, etc. They are unaware of the professional side of the 3D printing industry; with its huge machines that are printing real, functional parts to a high degree of accuracy. Especially if you tell people we will soon be 3D printing parts that will be used in a real satellite, that will go into space and orbit the earth, their minds are officially blown! “So the sky is not the limit!” is their apt conclusion.


We notice every day that the 3D printing industry is still uncharted territory for most. People don’t immediately realize that professionally 3D printed parts might also be useful for the company they work for; that we can print components that cannot be produced with conventional  manufacturing methods, allowing them for example to make parts lighter yet equally strong.

A visit to the production facility at Xilloc is figuratively, but also quite literally an eye-opener for many of our visitors. So I would like to invite everyone who now thinks that professional 3D printing might be useful to their business, to contact us to make an appointment. Let’s have a look together to see how 3D printing can help the manufacturing industry forward (or upward into the sky)!