The Sound of the 3D Printed Guitar

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Do you remember the 3D printed aluminium guitar? You probably wonder what it sounds like?
So did we! Apparently, although we have very talented people in our team, not one of us could play the guitar in a way that does it justice…
But thanks to friends, we found Tom, our Guitar Hero!

Tom brought his amplifier and took center stage in front of the M400, the machine that 3D printed the guitar body. Tom assured us that indeed the guitar is lighter than a normal electric guitar. When he started playing, he almost shattered the glass in our production room… What a sound!!

But please turn up your speakers, watch and listen:

After a mini-concert of many famous guitar solos, Tom was convinced this guitar was indeed built for the “rough stuff”, so really a Lightweight metal guitar to play Heavy Metal!

We want more, we want more!
Because last week was also the fifth anniversary of our company, the anniversary of 2 of our colleagues and the anniversary of a good customer, Tom played us an extra “metal” version of Happy Birthday!

Thanks Tom!
Congratulations again to Olaf Diegel from OddGuitars for this masterpiece!