Xilloc presents to the EU Commission

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Yesterday February 2, there was a meeting about 3D printing at the EU offices in Brussels. The purpose of the meeting was to create awareness amongst the EU-Commission that 3D printing has reached a mature level as a manufacturing technology. Most people now know about the small plastic home-printers, but 3D printing at an industry level has an even longer history and successfully serves various sectors (like aerospace, automotive and medical) with functional products.

The audience consisted of expert reviewers for EU-funded projects, 3D printing experts and the General Directorate of Research and Development of the EU Commission.

Xilloc was there to demonstrate that an SME can be successful and grow its business thanks to professional 3D printing. The European Commission considers Xilloc to be a flagship example of an SME in the 3D printing industry.
EU-funding is a strong boost for SME’s to innovate. As an example we presented our results from the ADAM project and 3D printed bone project (CT-Bone), which were both supported by EU funding.
The 3D Printer from Atum3D that was developed within the ADAM project was printing live on our booth.

Says Maikel Beerens, founder and CEO of Xilloc: “We’re extremely proud with this opportunity to explain the benefits of 3D printing directly to the European Commission; it’s not a chance that many companies get. It emphasizes our conviction that we’re heading in the right direction with the development of our company. We really showed them the power of 3D printing.”

If you also want to learn what the EU commissioners learned yesterday, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our presentation and booth at the European Commission in Brussels