3D Printing ...

Has the ability to change ...


Yes, also for your business.

But ...

... do you know how to adapt your designs for 3D Printing ?

Did you ever wonder ...

What can be the diameter ?

Can I add internal channels ?

What should be the part orientation ?

Should this part be manufactured by 3D Printing ?

And ...

... what does it cost ?

... what software do I need ?

... how do I integrate a 3D printer in my company ?

Do you know how to use a 3D printer ?

How to post-process your parts ?

We can answer your 3D Printing questions !


Real tangible prototypes to reduce the time to market for your projects and concepts.


Serial production of your parts with high-end materials, finishing and quality inspection.
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Advice to adapt your designs for 3D Printing. Guidance to choose the best technology for your business.
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Teaching you the ins and outs about design, manufacturing and post-processing for 3D Printing.
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Advanced Manufacturing, production and automated post-processing. Consultancy and training for 3D Printers to become an expert yourself.
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3D Printing tailored for your business. Quality control and finishing with respect to your specifications. Learn more about the technologies and materials.
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Industrial advanced manufacturing for aerospace, automotive, medical and general prototyping purposes. Your requests printed in the highest quality !
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We have a passion for 3D Printing ! Get in touch with one of our specialists for an appointment or read more about our vision on 3D Printing.
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